Adult entry – I heart faces

23 02 2009


This picture floods me with emotions.  This is the minister who married me and also who officiated at my mother’s memorial.  Jeff has been a part of my life since my early 20s and is such a special person.  

My mother died in the winter, so spreading her ashes was not considered “prudent”.  My father, husband, brother and all our kids went back to our family church in the summertime and spread her ashes in a garden dedicated for this.  The covered bridge in the photo is supposed to be a replicate of the ones out East and is right next to the garden.  Jeff came out to be a part of this difficult task with us, and said a prayer.  He also loved my  mom.

Take a look at other great shots here.


Colonial Church of Edina, Edina, MN

Colonial Church of Edina, Edina, MN







5 responses

23 02 2009

This pic is mysterious without the story. With the story, it is quite emotional. Is the person coming or going? Hard to tell in B&W – adding to the mystery and emotion you captured. Nice picture.

23 02 2009

Beautiful composition in black & white.

24 02 2009

What an interesting shot – and emotional story. Thanks for sharing.

24 02 2009
Julie Rivera

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous, moving picture! And it is PERFECT in B&W. Even without the story, which adds another dimension of interest, this is an intriguing picture. Fabulous!

25 02 2009
Jamie AKA Phatchik

What an incredible photo! Just perfect for black and white.

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