How to have fun with your kid in a parked car.

21 04 2009


Ella and Mommy - Salt Lake City

Ella and Mommy - Salt Lake City


My daughter and I were excited to go to my beautiful friend’s book signing at a local book store.  My friend is a fabulous writer and amazing photographer.  Our entire family is thrilled with all of her success.

The problem, that evening, was that we arrived early.  Really early.  Ella wanted to go in, but I knew that lingering around would only get awkward and tiring in about 5 minutes, so we waited in the car.  I had brought my camera along to take candids of Heather and Jon, but pulled it out early to take some shots of my girl.  She asked if we could pose together and this is what we got.  

If you ever want to feel old and decrepit, just take a close up of yourself next to a child with porcelain-like skin.  It’s awesome!

The theme this week at I Heart Faces is “Self Portrait”.  This is my entry in the kids category which required me to be in the picture with a child.  No tripods were allowed.  I had my arm out as far as it would go (thank god the minivan has a deep set windshield!)

Go check some truly beautiful people at the site!






6 responses

21 04 2009
Julie Rivera

Oh, this is glorious in B&W! And maybe you see the wrinkles but I see the similarities between you and your daughter. And that makes it all worthwhile! That minivan has some mean catchlights! Traveling studio? 🙂

21 04 2009
Boybarian Dad

Great pic of the two of you. Hey, did we use a pic of your daughter in Friday Fixit a few weeks back?

21 04 2009
EL at Through My Own Lens

This is such a sweet shot…and so impromptu! Great job!

21 04 2009

speaking as an old and decrepit mom, i agree this is a great shot. and i adore the black and white.


22 04 2009

What a great shot! 😉 I love the black and white!

22 04 2009

love your pic !!!

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