Brand new

18 07 2009


I was so excited to take photos of my new little nephew, Eli, as soon as he was home from the hospital. Our first attempt ended…poorly. Let’s just say that there was a lot of pee involved. The second attempt – when he was 10 days young – went much better. He was incredibly cooperative except for his feet. He would not keep them tucked inside his blanket. They were just begging to be put in the spotlight.

My favorite thing about this photo is how you can see how new he is by the skin still peeling. This photo is being entered into the I Heart Faces photo contest. Theme: Feet. Go check it out!





4 responses

18 07 2009

Awwww . . . so sweet. Love this, Carol!

21 07 2009
Julie Rivera

Hey, welcome back! I need to check your other posts, as I saw a few new ones. This image is so pure and simple and perfectly newborn. The clarity is really wonderful!

23 07 2009

There is nothing better than newborn baby feet 🙂

26 10 2011
shubhkrishShubhra Krishan

So pure, so lovely!

Shubhra Krishan

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