What Crazy, Silly, Funny faces!

9 08 2009
Katherine & Ella

Katherine & Ella

One recent afternoon, Ella and Katherine (one of her best buds) asked me to do a photo shoot of them.  They put me on the front porch with my camera and then ran inside to change into different outfits.  We did a “princess” session with a
“cowgirl” twist,  a traditional “princess” theme, then an asian session and finished with a “flower” theme.

The above picture is from the “asian” section (of course!) and they were starting to get a bit loopy.  This one is one of my favorites from the whole group.  I’ve decided to enter it into the I Heart Faces weekly contest.  The theme this week is “Crazy, Silly, Funny Face” – should be a fun week to go look at all the entries.  Go check them out!





21 responses

9 08 2009

Very cute, I love the colour and clarity in this one.

9 08 2009
Heidi @ Mt Hope

What a fun, sharp photo!

9 08 2009

So sweet! Little girls have such silliness!

9 08 2009

So cute, I love that the girls wanted to do that…how fun!
The colors are so bright & beautiful

9 08 2009

Oh my goodness, too cute. I love it when little girls are silly.

10 08 2009
Ave @ Made In Canarias

They have so beautiful eyes!

10 08 2009

Oh I love it!

10 08 2009

Nothing can beat a girl and her friends. This is too cute. The clarity is amazing!

10 08 2009

The colors are so amazing in this photo… and the matching expressions are priceless! Great choice

10 08 2009
Yelena R.

Cute shot! I love the colors in this one 🙂

10 08 2009

now that is a truly wacky photo! i love their eyes, so expressive!-bits & pieces

10 08 2009

this sure is funny!

10 08 2009


10 08 2009

Now those are silly faces if I ever saw one. So cute and GREAT shot.

10 08 2009

Beautiful color on those silly faces!

10 08 2009

DOUBLE trouble!

10 08 2009

I love this! I have to say that your front porch makes a great “studio”. The lighting on their faces is perfect and really accentuates their eyes!

10 08 2009
Julie Rivera

Your color and clarity are tremendous! How fun that they asked you to take their pictures…I think you should post some from each “theme.” 🙂

11 08 2009

What a fantastic photo of the two of them. It sounds like fun was had by all during the photo shoot.

Have a great week!

12 08 2009

Great photo, so crisp and clean. Cute little girlies!

31 08 2009

I love this! I have to say that your front porch makes a great "studio". The lighting on their faces is perfect and really accentuates their eyes!;. All the best!!

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